1978 Blackjack Mulligan

This article talks about how blackjack dealers playing a specific strategy, the Norm Brodsky approach, were able to retire and collect among other things significant jackpots. It is advised that others also experimented with this strategy as it has been proven successful

¿Por qué es necesario un blackjack mulligan?

Historically, in a game of blackjack, if the player gets a six, five or four of a kind (6/5/4), they are entitled to a “mulligan,” which is a new card. This card gives them the opportunity to draw another card and play again. This can be important because on average, sixes increase the chances of scoring points. So why is it necessary to have this option? The casinos make money off the players by giving them the option to “mulligan.” If the player does not want to use their mulligan, they are given the chance to “split” or “push.” Splitting means taking half of your original bet and putting it back in the betting circle; pushing means leaving your original bet where it is and taking nothing from the betting circle. There are many reasons why casinos give players this option. The main reason is that if a player has more than one six in their hand, they can usually avoid drawing additional cards and therefore still have an opportunity to win. However, if they only have a few sixes in their hand, then they are likely to get drawn into more hands and increase their chances of losing.

Qué pasa con el 30A mulligan

What is the difference between a 30A and a 20A mulligan? There is much debate surrounding the 1978 blackjack mulligan. Many believe that the rule does not apply in all cases, while others contend that it should be used more often in order to increase player advantage. What is your opinion on this matter?

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Las intromisiones de la nube en un ejecutivo sobre la labor de su equipo

Il y a quelques années, un effroyable événement survint à un grand groupe d’entreprises américaines. Une nouvelle règle de jeu apparut, qui allait bouleverser la manière dont les dirigeants interagissaient avec leurs collaborateurs. Cette règle était basée sur l’idée selon laquelle on pouvait tenter de suite une Intromission dans une partie de Blackjack sans risque pour le joueur adverse. Cette stratégie était surnommée “The Mulligan Rule” et elle rencontra immédiatement un franc succès. Avec cette nouvelle règle, les concurrents avaient du mal à suivre les stratégies des grands groupes. La plupart des gros groupes ont adopté cette nouvelle règle et ils ont continué à dominer le marché hors États-Unis.