10 10 Vs 6 Blackjack

This article explores the differences between playing 10/6 blackjack, which is what you should play in Las Vegas versus 6-poker.

6 Blackjack –

A short tutorial on how to play 10
6 Blackjack. This game is a very popular option at casinos and can be extremely profitable if you know how toplay it. There are two basic strategies for playing 10
6 Blackjack: the Scientific Strategy and the Draw Strategy. The Scientific Strategy is theas accepted as being the most effective way to play this game, but there are other techniques that you may find more beneficial if you find that you’re more likely to hit some high cards. The basic strategy for playing 10
6 Blackjack is to take note of your dealer’s hole card and then make your best guess as to what the next card will be. If your guess is higher than the dealer’s actual card, then you may elect to either hit or stand. If your guess is lower, then you may choose to hit or draw.

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