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After all those years of guarding animals and educating, zoo keeper Hervé is thinking about retiring.

Genève zoo poker

On World Poker Tour in Las Vegas, we caught up with Patrik Antonius. He told us about his recent participation in the Montreal Grand Prix and about his experience playing at the Casino de Genève. His goal: to make as many tables as possible, in order to improve his ranking on the live tour. “I’m not here to make money,” he stated, “I’m here for the fun of it.” Patrik described the atmosphere at the Geneva zoo as very relaxed. “People are more friendly here,” he said. “You can easily strike up a conversation with someone.” As we all know, Patrik is no stranger to poker domination, having won two bracelets on the live tour already – including a remarkable victory at the Rio Olympics last year. So we asked him which strategies work best for him when playing against tougher opponents. Says Patrik: “I don’t like to give away my hand too early, I like to let them think they can beat me.”

Zoo club poker

Not much is known about the mysterious and exclusive club poker, other than that it’s a secretive affair reserved for the biggest names in the underworld. Some say it’s a way for powerful mobsters to get to know each other better, while others insist it’s just another way for them to gamble. Either way, if you’re looking for an exciting and challenging game of poker, you should definitely check out the clubs around town. bluff \ n call \ n bet

Zookeeper poker

Written by: Simon For zookeeper poker enthusiasts, this is the article for you! As we mentioned in our previous post, there are a few different variants of zookeeper poker. Today we will focus on some of the more popular variations: Texas hold’em and Omaha.

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Texas hold ’em is the most popular variant of zookeeper poker. It is played with a standard 52-card deck. The first player to achieve four of a kind, royal flush or straight flush, wins the hand. The second player can either continue to play or fold. If the second player folds, the first player can either continue to play or pass (put another bet into the pot). Omaha is considerably different from Texas hold ’em. Instead of having two players, there are three players. A fourth player can also join in at any time provided he or she has a different card than everyone else. The aim of Omaha is to get as many cards as possible equal to your card rank minus one (Aces are worth 1 point, 2 through 6 are worth face value, 7 through 10 are worth 1 point plus face value and Jacks are worth 0 points). For example, if you have a 2 and

Game schedule

Zoo poker is a popular game that can be enjoyed by all. Players can compete against one another, or team up to take on the Zoo King. Below is the schedule of games for the week: -Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm EST -Friday: 10am – 12pm EST -Saturday: 8am – 10am EST -Sunday: 8am – 10am EST Zoo club poker is a poker variant that is played at the zoo. The game has several variations such as knockout and heads-up, making it a great game for anyone who wants to learn how to play. (Monday) 10am-12pm: Crocodile Wars (knockout) (Tuesday) 10am-12pm: Lion King Poker (heads-up) (Wednesday) 10am-12pm: Monkey Business (knockout) (Thursday) 10am-12pm: Gorilla Warfare (heads-up) (Friday) 10am-12pm: Hippo Hop Poker (knockout) (Saturday) 9am-11am: Rhino Rumble (knockout) (Sunday) 9am-10:30am: Elephant Erotica Poker (heads-up).

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Rules of the game

The game of poker is derived from a number of social activities in American bars and gambling houses centuries ago. The game was then codified by means of specific rules, which were recorded by law in the early 19th century. Nowadays, poker is played all over the world. Its popularity rests on its simplicity – even a novice can understand and play it – as well as its strategic depth. The object of the game is toplete sets or tournaments with a higher hand than the opposition, or to win various rounds. At showdown, the best five cards of each player are laid face down on the table and compared, one by one. The rank of each card is important: high (Jack, Queen, King) beats low (two face cards, Ace). Poker has two main variants: Omaha and Texas hold’em. Omaha features three cards and two community cards; Texas holdem features five cards plus three community cards. In both variants, players must bet before playing their hands. The basic strategy for most hands is simple: try to protect your good hands and make bluffs with less valuable ones. However there are many more sophisticated strategies that can be employed when playing against

Reward pool

It’s time to write about the rewards pool! For every month a player is active on the site, they receive 2 rewards points. A player will then receive 1 reward point for every €1 wagered. The rewards points are deposited in a player’s account after each gaming session. The total amount of rewards points will determine the size of the reward pool at the end of the month. Rewards points can be exchanged for cash or other prizes. The bigger the pool, the more opportunities there are to win something fantastic! More information about all the possible prizes can be found on our website: – The zoo club poker website: – Google Play: – The App Store: – Facebook: Please note that rewards points expire after 30 days without activity.

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Games registration

If you want to play games with your friends at the zoo, we have the perfect solution: the zoo club poker. This game is easy to learn and fun to play, so it’s perfect for a group of friends. To get started, divide your group into two teams of equal size. Each team will need two decks of cards: one for the front row and one for the back row. Place these decks in front of each player in turn, face down. Then, start playing poker! The object of the game is to build the best hand possible by combining cards from your front row and back row rows. Keep in mind that you can only use cards from your current row, and you can’t use any wild cards. Once everyone has taken their turn, the teams will compare their hands to see who came out on top. Be sure to take note of which team won each round so that you can rematch later on!

Contact details

Zoo Club Poker est un site de poker gratuit et sans limite d’utilisation, fabriquant aussi des jetons personnalisables. Il existe plusieurs versions (mobile, web et pc) qui permettent aux joueurs de jouer à la console ou au PC. Le site propose également une version gratuite pour les casinos en ligne et une version payante pour les casinos en ligne. La plus grande partie des tables disponibles est réservée aux jeux Français. If you would like to have an account with us, please email us at zoo_club_poker@hotmail.com with your desired username and password. If you are not a member of the club and would like to become one, please click here for more information. We hope to see you soon in our zoo!